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Flashing LED Lighthouse Pin

If you are looking for something totally unique, then you will absolutely love our flashing lighthouse pin.

This cute lighthouse pin is made of brightly colored enamel, 4 inches in height, intricately designed with 5 Red & Blue LED lights that continously blink on & off.

The Lighthouse pin is enjoyed by any age group, it is a huge crowd pleaser that sparks up a conversation and always leaves people smiling.

Batteries are included and this product is available in quantity only. 

LED6pack LEDBlack1
  • 4 Inches Tall
  • Battery Included
  • On/Off Switch on the back
  • Sold In Lots of 30 Only
  • 30 Pins $2.95ea
  • 60 Pins $2.80ea
  • 100 Pins $2.65ea
  • Free Shipping with all orders. (Continental US Only)
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